Why You Need To Know What’s True In Your Business Using Analytics

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Any breakthrough in your business starts with understanding what is really going on – what’s really true.

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My favorite definition of truth comes from a book of scripture, the Doctrine and Covenants.

The book is a series of revelations given to modern-day prophets that were written down for us to learn from and live our lives by.

Here’s the verse:

Truth is a knowledge of things as they are, and as they were, and as they are to come.

Doctrine & Covenants 93:24

In order to get what we want from our businesses, we have to know where we currently are. We have to know the truth.

Before any breakthrough can happen, we have to see things as they arewe have to know the truth.

Here’s how to get to what’s really going on in your business:

Take A Step Back To Get Perspective

It can be easy to get overwhelmed by the size of a problem or situation when we’re right in the middle of it.

Practicing prayer or meditation, taking a walk, physically stepping away from the problem – all of these are ways to take a moment to get some extra perspective.

You can also bring in outside help. A friend, fellow business owner, or a coach can help you see what might be in your blindspots, or the things that you aren’t willing to see because of things like sunk cost or the emotional attachment to different parts of your business.

Even the best have coaches. Michael Jordan. Tiger Woods. Tony Robbins.

They all have various coaches, mentors, peers, and partners that they rely on to improve their game. That process of improvement starts from getting to the truth through feedback.

It’s important to not just see things as they are, but also not worse than they are.

Beating yourself up, getting down on yourself, or adding emotion to the situation rarely helps. It will only keep you stuck where you are until you are willing to let go and get to the truth without the emotional attachment to what the truth means.

Use Business Analytics Data Where Possible

It’s easy to say that things are going well, or that things aren’t great.

But is that the truth?

Things may be much better – or much worse – than you think they are, but you’ll never know by how much unless you are analyzing the situation with data.

A common example:

Creatives I work with often say “I’m just not good at marketing”. That limiting belief keeps them from ever trying, because they believe that any effort spend on marketing their business will only come up short.

What if, instead, they tracked their effort over two months. The only thing they did was to post more regularly. From once a week to once a day.

Over two months, that’s the difference of 60 posts rather than 8. That’s more than 7 TIMES the effort. It’s hard to think that while each post individually might not be as successful as you’d like that you would have zero results from that sort of extra focus and effort.

Even if only one new client or customer came from that effort, it would still be worth it, would it not? Because now you can take the next step which is to imagine how to make things better. How to optimize and maximize those efforts so that they’re more effective.

When you start tracking these things, you’ll see that a) you aren’t as bad as you think you are at the “business stuff”, but also b) there’s a ton of room for improvement when it comes to your business, which means it can become more resilient, profitable, and fulfilling as you start working on it in this way.

Use the data to verify what’s really going on so that you can take action based on truth, rather than your limiting beliefs.

Make Things Better Than They Are

When you know the truth, you can then start to make conscious decisions based on that truth.

It’s like trying out a new diet or workout plan without first understanding the unique truths about your body.

If you’re allergic to certain types of food, you would want to avoid those foods in your diet, right?

With this new, intimate knowledge of your business, you can create a plan to get the breakthroughs you’ve wanted for your business.

The results you want are 100% within your control. We often just get stuck believing things that aren’t true which hold us back from getting those results we really want.

Choose now to make decisions for your business based on truth, and use that new knowledge to get what you want even faster.