The 60 Days Project

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Introducing a new written project aimed at helping artists, creatives, and small business owners to get prepared for the winter and the new year.

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Toward the end of October 2020 I listened to the most recent conversation between Seth Godin and Tim Ferriss on Tim’s show.

From that conversation, I had one of the clearest moments in my creative career – an idea for a project that fit the framework Seth laid out in the conversation:

  • A “generous” project, one that benefited others more than it benefitted me
  • That I would do “even if it would fail” to meet my own monetary goals
  • That had a set of constraints that would help me reach the outcome
  • And incorporated a little bit of “magic” – the creation of tension for the reader.

Deciding On A Creative Project

What I decided was the 60-day project.

One email/blog per day. 1,000 words or less. Each on a topic or principle that would help the audience – that’s you – to get what it is I think you really want for yourself and your business:

What we really want, [as creatives], is to have control over our financial security, agency and independence, and predictability in times of chaos and uncertainty

Shawn Twing – Tiny Little Businesses

We may say that we want to “start a business” or even “make money with our art”. What we’re really saying is what I just wrote above.

We want control. Certainty. Freedom.

If that’s you, then I’m glad you’re here. Over the next two months – every day until December 31, 2020, I’m going to write everything I know about how to get control over your creative life and business.

Why? Because this year has been really hard on artists, creatives, and small business owners. Really hard.

Rather than add to the downward spiral that is the year 2020, I’d rather contribute to making it a positive time. A time of growth and progress and certainty and joy.

This is one way I know I can do that.

Join Me On This Creative Journey

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I’m excited to join you on your creative journey.