The Financial Patterns In Your Life

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The patterns & habits of your life determine your experience and results.

Picture two different creators:

One is pure artist – they create in bursts when the muse inspires them. Their passion attracts many people to follow them. They believe that money devalues art so they don’t charge for their work, ever. They have no regular income, no savings or investments, and at some point find it hard to grow past their current circumstances.

The other creator shows up every day and puts in the time to work on their craft. They know everything they make isn’t going to be their best, but they believe that they have to show up every day to get to their best work. They have systems in place to consistently grow their following and customer base. It’s slow, but steady. They believe that what they create has value, and that value can be exchanged for money. While their income is also irregular, there’s at least some consistent amount coming in every month, and it grows over time. They set aside profit for growth and investing in themselves, have money saved, and feel that their potential to contribute doing what they love is limitless.

Now, there’s not a ton of difference from the outside looking in. Both are creators, and in some ways the “pure artist” is the more desired path – more followers, a true artist mindset, etc.

There isn’t a “better” path, but it’s easy to see how certain habits, mindsets, and patterns compounded over days, weeks, months, and years will lead to a different experience.

Where are your patterns leading you?

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